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Fabian has Cerebral Palsy as a result of brain injuries sustained prior to his birth. After a long legal battle the family were awarded agreed compensation of £3million in March 2010. Fabian’s mum explains how the award of compensation has transformed not only Fabian’s life but also that of the whole family.

“The first and most important thing I would say is it is so nice to know that we don’t have to worry about Fabian’s future. He is going to be secure forever now even when we are no longer around.

We have moved into a much more suitable property which has loads more space downstairs and enables Fabian to be part of the family all of the time. Fabian now has a downstairs room and all of the rooms are large and we are in the process of widening all the doorways to ensure that Fabian can get around in his wheelchair without any hindrance.

We have plans to knock through to the big double garage and the plan is that we will have a big patio door installed so that Fabian has his own access and will no longer be dependant on others to open the door and let him in and out. When he is old enough to have his own key he will be able to come and go as he pleases.

Fabian has new wheelchairs, both electric and manual and his electric wheelchair has the facility to go up and down so he can raise the seat and reach stuff around the kitchen which was always a difficulty for him before.

We have been able to buy a new wheelchair accessible car so that Fabian can drive his wheelchair into the car.

One of the other things we have been able to do is to get rid of our caravan and buy a static lodge which we have had adapted for Fabian. It is decked and ramped and big enough for him to drive his wheelchair round. We are able to go to the lodge for 10 months of the year and we go pretty well every other weekend. It is lovely for the whole family to go there and again Fabian is able to be part of everything that we do.

The award of compensation has given Fabian, and all of us so much. Most importantly it has given us peace of mind about his future but it has also transformed our lives on an everyday basis.”

[Images used with this story are not those of the actual family.]

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