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  • Keith Gurney’s spinal infection should have cleared up with the right dosage of antibiotics, but when his first course was under-prescribed he needed more powerful drugs that caused him balance problems.

The lingering infection and loss of balance meant that Mr Gurney had to spend an extended time away from work and subsequently to change his career to a lower paid and physically less demanding job.

One of our clinical negligence specialists Paul Rumley took up the case and made compelling arguments that secured a settlement of £150,000.


Says Mr Gurney, “Paul’s support and advice and his success in winning clinical negligence compensation for me was outstanding. I now have a degree of financial stability and the opportunity to do things I never thought possible.

“I have been able to take some time for myself, to take time out and to travel, visiting places I would never have been able to before. I’ve also been able to put something aside for my children.

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