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Recent Spinal cord injury Claims

The Clinical Negligence Team have recovered very substantial sums of compensation for clients in a number of medical negligence claims. Here are a selection of our most recent successful cases:

£3.4 million secured for delayed diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome

Paul Rumley acted for a 35 year old man who experienced a delay in diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome. At about 8.00am on 10 April 2009, our client injured his back at work, and went on to develop increasing pain and neurological symptoms. He was in fact in the early stages of a progressive cauda equina syndrome. At 00.15 hours on 11 April 2009, our client was seen in the Accident and Emergency Department at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where the clinicians negligently failed to diagnose the condition and sent him home.

On 12 April 2009, our client returned to the hospital where, in the face of deteriorating neurological symptoms, the correct diagnosis was finally made. At 03.00 hours on 13 April 2009, he underwent emergency decompression surgery for a large central and right paracentral disc prolapse. The Defendant eventually agreed that our client should have been operated upon by no later than 12 noon on 11 April 2009.

As a result of the delay in diagnosis and treatment our client suffers from low back pain, pain and weakness in the legs and impaired balance and gait, urinary dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, psychiatric symptoms, weight gain (including a need for bariatric surgery) and pressure sores. In addition his life expectancy was reduced by seven years once successful bariatric surgery was factored in. He requires care and assistance, an adapted property, equipment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, CBT and ongoing medical review. He is unlikely to be able to return to gainful employment.

Our client received compensation of £3.4 million. The compensation payment will allow him to purchase and adapt a suitable property. It will also pay for his ongoing specialist care, therapies and assistance for the rest of his life, providing him with security.

£3.14 million settlement for delayed diagnosis of spinal abscess

Simon Elliman recovered £3.14 million for L,  a female client who became tetraplegic as a result of a delay in diagnosing and treating a spinal abscess. L was suffering from severe back pain, and was referred to hospital by her GP. An MRI scan was carried out to exclude spinal infection, but it was only carried out in the lumbar (lower) spine. The abscess was in the thoracic (mid) spine and was missed for two days, during which time the abscess grew and began to impinge on the spinal cord. Although L was eventually operated on, it was too late to avoid her becoming tetraplegic. She is now in a wheelchair for life, and requires care for her daily living needs. Her settlement provides for annual payments which will cover her care needs for the rest of her life, as well as a 7 figure lump sum settlement, which will enable her to purchase and adapt suitable accommodation for her needs.

£435,771 awarded for inadequate management of a disc prolapse

The Clinical Negligence Team obtained the sum of £435,771 for a client who received inadequate management of an L4/5 disc prolapse.

£470,000 awarded for unnecessary spinal surgery

Paul Rumley, a Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, obtained £470,000 for an 88 year old man who underwent spinal surgery which should not have taken place, and which was not carried out to an appropriate standard. The surgery left him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

£500,000 awarded for failure to diagnose and treat spinal compression

A member of our team obtained over £500,000 for an elderly man for the failure to diagnose and treat his spinal compression, causing him an incomplete spinal injury. He was left able to only walk short distances, and with poor balance. He also suffered bladder and bowel complications.

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