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Recent Missed diagnosis of Cancer Claims

The Clinical Negligence Team have recovered very substantial sums of compensation for clients in a number of medical negligence claims. Here are a selection of our most recent successful cases:

£40,000 damages for delayed diagnosis of skin cancer

Joachim Stanley acted for Mr B in a clinical negligence claim relating to the delayed diagnosis of skin cancer.

Mr B asked his GP about a lesion on his skin on three occasions, over a period of 18 months.  On each occasion, his GP did not refer him for any investigation.  Mr B got the impression that his GP wanted him to go away and stop bothering him.   After the third GP appointment, Mr B decided to get a second opinion, and was shocked to learn that he was suffering from melanoma – a very aggressive form of skin cancer.

The melanoma was removed, but unfortunately he then developed a metastasis.  After this, Mr B was informed by his treating hospital in very clear terms that his condition was terminal.  Mr B sought legal advice and brought a claim against his GP for “lost years” (the projected number of years of life, lost as a result of the delay in his treatment) and a psychological injury.  Mr B’s case was contested on all issues but Mr B was paid £40,000 in an out of Court settlement.

£127,500 awarded for missed diagnosis of bone cancer

Paul Rumley, who has a speciality in cancer cases, won compensation of £127,500 for the family of a man who died from an aggressive type of bone cancer after an orthopaedic surgeon tragically missed the diagnosis.

£200,000 awarded for failure to diagnose bladder cancer

Kerstin Kubiak, Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for Mr X in relation to his claim against his GP for failing to refer him for further investigations when he presented with early signs of bladder cancer.

Mr X should have been referred quickly to the one-stop haematuria clinic due to his symptoms where it is likely further investigations would have led to a diagnosis of bladder cancer. Instead, due to his GP’s negligence, there was an 8 month delay in the referral, so that by the time he was seen at hospital the cancer was more extensive than it would have been with an earlier diagnosis. Mr X required a cystoprostatectomy rather than a transurethral resection of a bladder tumour and more extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He later developed an incisional hernia and was left with incontinence and impotence. Mr X’s GP admitted negligence and Mr X’s claim was settled out of Court.

£7,500 awarded for delay in diagnosis of kidney cancer

Joachim Stanley won compensation for a male client following a delay in diagnosing that he had kidney cancer. Our client presented with symptoms of blood in his urine and pain on passing urine. There was a failure to investigate this fully, and his condition was not diagnosed until over a year later.

Fortunately, his prognosis was excellent and he made a good recovery. Nevertheless, he experienced a period of pain and suffering that a more prompt diagnosis would have avoided. Our client received compensation of £7,500 for this additional period of pain and suffering.

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