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Recent GP Negligence Claims

The Clinical Negligence Team have recovered very substantial sums of compensation for clients in a number of medical negligence claims. Here are a selection of our most recent successful cases:

£10,000 compensation for misdiagnosis by GP of malignant melanoma

Rebecca Callard was successful in obtaining £10,000 in compensation for our client whose GP failed to refer her to a specialist in respect of a mole on her right thigh. Our client was worried about a mole on her thigh and had noticed that its appearance and colour had changed. She was examined by her GP and was told that the mole was not suspicious and no further investigations were required. Our client was still concerned about the appearance of the mole and returned to her GP 10 months later. The mole was excised and after testing was told that she had a malignant melanoma which had increased in size and depth as a result of the delay in being referred by her GP.  Our client required further surgery to remove tissue from her thigh and was left with a large scar on her leg.

£7,500 awarded for a 2 year delay to diagnose cholesteatoma

Tracey Furminger, Solicitor in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for C following a 2 year delay by her GPs to diagnose that she was suffering from a cholesteatoma. C suffered with frequent ear infections and increasing problems with her hearing and attended her GP regularly between 2003 and 2008.

Each time she was given ear drops. In 2008 she was finally referred by her GP to an ENT surgeon who diagnosed her with a cholesteatoma, a destructive ear conditionwhich can cause permanent deafness if not treated. C’s GPs admitted that the condition should have been diagnosed 2 years earlier than it was. With earlier diagnosis C would still have suffered from the cholesteatoma and required surgery, but she would have avoided 2 years of painful ear infections and ear discharge.

C received compensation of £7,500 for her pain and suffering during this 2 year peiod, and also for additional university tuition fees, as she needed to repeat a year at university due to needing additional time off due to her condition.

£32,500 awarded for a missed diagnosis of diabetes

Paul Rumley, a Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, recovered compensation of £32,500 for a young girl when her GP missed a diagnosis of diabetes, leading to a life-threatening coma and serious complications.

£327,500 awarded for failure to provide vaccination advice

Paul Rumley, a Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, recovered compensation of £327,500 for the family of Mr C, who tragically died following his GP’s failure to advise him that he needed a life-saving vaccination.

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