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Recent Fatal claims and Inquests Claims

The Clinical Negligence Team have recovered very substantial sums of compensation for clients in a number of medical negligence claims. Here are a selection of our most recent successful cases:

£35,000 compensation for death due to fall in care home

Rebecca Callard acted for a 79 year old client, who received compensation of £35,000 after her husband died as a result of poor care provided to him in a residential care home. Our client’s husband had suffered from a stroke a number of years before the negligent care and as a result required daily care.  He attended the care home for a period of respite care and sustained a fall whilst being washed and dressed by the carers . It was found that an inadequate risk assessment had been carried out when he first arrived at the home and a specific falls plan should have been in place. As a result of the fall he sustained a fracture to his femur which required surgery. During his admission into hospital he contracted an infection. He sadly deteriorated shortly after the operation and passed away.

£55,000 awarded for negligent hospital care

Kerstin Kubiak, Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for the widow of Mr X at the inquest into his death due to negligent hospital care causing Mr X’s death after he aspirated on vomit.

Mr X was in hospital for routine hip surgery, following which he contracted C.difficile infection. As a result of poor overall nursing and medical care, where basic medical records were not maintained, Mr X’s condition deteriorated to the extent that he became dehydrated, malnourished and weakened. He then vomited and aspirated, causing him to suffer heart failure and die. At the Inquest a verdict was recorded which referred to systemic failures in the care provided to Mr X in hospital. An action was subsequently brought against the Hospital Trust and damages agreed for his widow out of Court for Mr X’s pre-death pain and suffering and Mrs X’s bereavement and financial losses.

£11,000 awarded for inadequate supervision of hospital staff

Kerstin Kubiak, Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for a 48 year old man following the death of his father due to the hospital medical staff failing to provide him with adequate supervision.

He was admitted following numerous falls at his care home and the hospital staff were aware of an increased risk of falls and injury, despite this he suffered eight falls whilst admitted to the Defendant’s hospital. He suffered a head injury during his 8th fall and died a short time later.

The Clinical Negligence Team represented the family at an Inquest into their father’s death, where the Coroner gave a verdict that the death had been contributed to by the neglect of the hospital. Our client received £11,000 compensation for his father’s funeral expenses, his father’s pain and suffering before his death and for his bereavement.

£295,000 awarded for a failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism

Joachim Stanley acted for the wife of a patient who died due to a hospital’s negligent delay in diagnosing that he was suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

Our client’s husband attended a local hospital complaining of chest pains. A chest x-ray was taken and he was referred on to a district general hospital. The reporting radiographer advised that there was a suspicion of a pulmonary embolism (a potentially lethal condition), which should be investigated further. This did not happen, and following treatment with antibiotics, he was sent home. His condition then deteriorated and he was readmitted to hospital, at which point a massive pulmonary embolism was diagnosed. Despite treatment, he collapsed and sadly died.

Following an initial investigation, the hospital admitted negligence in failing to check whether he had a pulmonary embolism when he first attended. Proceedings were issued and the case was settled out of Court with our client receiving £295,000 compensation.

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