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Recent Dental Negligence Claims

The Clinical Negligence Team have recovered very substantial sums of compensation for clients in a number of medical negligence claims. Here are a selection of our most recent successful cases:

£25,000 awarded for poor root canal and crownwork treatment

Naomi Todd acted for Ruth who received £25,000 damages following the negligent failure of her treating dentists to perform adequate root canal therapy and adequate crownwork, bridgework and dentures.

£42,500 awarded for negligent vaneer advice and work

C attended a Dentist to enquire about having veneers fitted to 12 of her teeth because she wanted her teeth to be whiter. The Dentist fitted the veneers despite C suffering from gum disease at the time. He also failed to advise her that once the veneers were fitted it was irreversible and she would need to have them replaced regularly for the rest of her life.

The veneers were also fitted poorly and C suffered problems very quickly after with the veneers falling off one by one, meaning she needed to attend her dentist on several occasions to have them replaced.

Tracey Furminger, Solicitor in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for C and brought a claim against the Dentist for the negligent dental treatment. As a result of the negligence C suffered several years of pain and regular treatment, and would then require all of the veneers to be replaced every 10-15 years for the rest of her life. The claim was settled out of court for £42,500 comprising compensation for C’s pain and suffering and past and future dental treatment costs.

£65,000 awarded for failure to refer a patient to a specialist

Simon Elliman, Partner in the Clinical Negligence Team, acted for Mr H following poor dental treatment. Mr H was in the care of the same dentist between 1981 and 2008. When that dentist retired, he was examined by a new dentist who, after examining Mr H on two occasions, eventually advised that he was suffering from chronic periodontitis.

The dentist advised Mr H that he would arrange for him to be referred to a periodontal expert but nothing further was mentioned about it until Mr H’s next routine check-up appointment some seven months later.

Mr H instructed the Clinical Negligence Team and during the course of investigations it was reaslised that the dentist did submit and initial letter of referral but then failed to correspond with the specialist any further and the appointment never took place. At the subsequent check-up Mr H was seen by a locum dentist who immediately arranged a referral. The periodontal specialist identified wide-spread bone loss throughout Mr H’s jaw.

Mr H has since had four teeth removed and will require extensive future treatment. All of his teeth are in very bad condition and it is likely that he will lose more of his teeth in the near future, which would have been avoided with appropriate care from his dentist. The defendant admitted liability and settled out of court for £65,000.

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