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How To Make A Medical Negligence Claim

Bringing a medical negligence claim is a challenging process, but if you have received medical treatment which has injured you, it is something you need to consider.

How To Make A Medical Negligence Claim

Fortunately, with the Clinical Negligence Team, you will find yourself in specialist and experienced hands. We are accredited as experts by the Law Society and by AvMA, the leading medical negligence charity, and have one of the strongest and most well-regarded teams of medical negligence solicitors in the country. Call now to see if you might have a claim.

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Keith Gurney’s spinal infection should have cleared up with the right dosage of antibiotics, but when his first course was under-prescribed he needed more powerful drugs that caused him balance problems.

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When can I bring a medical negligence claim?

If you have suffered injury as a result of unacceptable medical treatment. To succeed, you will need to show that the treatment which you have received fell below the standard which you are entitled to expect from competent doctors or other medical practitioners. You will also need to show that the substandard care has caused or contributed to your injury. We will advise you on whether your claim is likely to succeed throughout.

Is it expensive to pursue a medical negligence claim?

No it’s not. If you succeed in your case, the hospital trust or GP will have to pay most of your legal fees, and any balance is taken from your compensation. However, you will always keep at least 75% of your compensation.  If you don’t succeed, then either your fees will be paid by Legal Aid or by an insurer or, if you are on a “no win no fee” agreement, we simply waive your legal fees.  If you don’t win your case you won’t have to pay a penny – it’s that simple. And you certainly won’t be asked to pay anything up front – nothing is payable unless and until you win.

How much medical negligence compensation will I receive?

Every medical negligence claim is different, so this is a really hard question to answer. You will receive a sum of compensation for “general damages”; this is for your pain and suffering and “loss of amenity” – your inability to do the things that you used to enjoy doing. You will also receive monetary compensation for any directfinancial losses which you have suffered. For example, if you are unable to work as a result of your injury you will be compensated for lost earnings. Similarly, if someone else needs to care for you because of what has happened, you will receive compensation for the cost of that care (even if it’s provided “free” by a loved one). The object of medical negligence compensation is to put you back in the position you would have been in if the negligence had not happened.

Which solicitors should I use?

The key when deciding which firm of solicitors to instruct is to choose a firm which is experienced and has an objective stamp of approval as a team of medical negligence experts. The best way of establishing this is to look for a firm which has Law Society Panel members and AvMA Referral Panel members, as solicitors with these memberships have had to go through a rigorous accreditation process to show that they are genuine experts who achieve the best for their clients, and will always be highly experienced and competent practitioners. The Clinical Negligence Team is accredited by the Law Society and by AvMA and has a least seven such panel memberships at present. All the medical negligence solicitors in the team are either accredited as experts or are supervised by an accredited lawyer so you know your claim will be handled by a genuine expert who will strive to achieve the best outcome for you and will leave no stone un-turned.

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