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Injury to mothers during childbirth

Giving birth is a very special time in any woman’s life and in the majority of cases everything goes well, or there are only minor complications. However, some women do suffer significant maternal injuries during childbirth, either as part of a natural birth or through a c-section, which could have been avoided had there not been negligent care by the midwives or obstetrician.

There can be a large number of complications during childbirth which can cause injury to the mother and if you feel that you were unnecessarily injured during the delivery of your child, it is important to seek advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor.

The Clinical Negligence Team have dealt with many such cases and can advise you as to whether there is a claim to be brought.

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What causes injury to mothers during childbirth?

Injuries to mothers during childbirth occur in a wide variety of ways.  Some examples are: perineal tears, haemorrhages, placental abruption and wound infections.  This list is not exhaustive and there are a large number of complications which can occur.

Some of these complications are unavoidable and are possibly an unfortunate event due to non-negligent care. However, in some cases you may feel that medical staff could have handled your care to a better standard and if so, it is important to get specialist advice from a medical negligence lawyer.  

When might I have a claim?

Each case is different and will need to be considered individually. If you feel that you may have a claim you may wish to undertake the complaints process with the hospital first of all to investigate your areas of concern.

Alternatively you can speak to a specialist clinical negligence solicitor who can consider your case and advise you as to whether or not a claim should be brought.

What sort of compensation might I receive?

The level of compensation will vary in line with the type of injury you have suffered.  Some women can suffer from catastrophic injuries, leaving them incontinent, which can acquire a much larger amount of compensation.

Compensation will be awarded in two categories, firstly for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life and secondly, for any direct financial losses which you have suffered or may suffer in the future. Your solicitor will carefully advise you in relation to this.

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