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Dental Negligence Claims

For many, attending their dentist is a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, the temporary discomfort of the drill is not always the end of it; cases of sub-standard dental treatment seem to be sharply on the rise.

Dental negligence claims

If you have doubts that your treatment has been appropriate or competent, consult the Clinical Negligence Team, who are one of the most experienced and best respected teams of dental negligence lawyers in the UK.

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Victoria Walker was shocked to discover her gum disease had gone unnoticed by her previous dentist for over three years. As a result she lost 6 teeth and needed extensive dental treatment.

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What is dental negligence?

The test is simply whether the treatment you have received is below the standard you should expect from a competent dentist.  There are guidelines about what is acceptable practice, when your dentist should be detecting problems, and the types of outcome from treatment you shouldn’t have to put up with.

When might I have a claim?

Sadly there are a few very common examples of circumstances which can give rise to dental negligence claims:

One of the most frequent that we see is of missed diagnosis of periodontal (gum) disease.  If you have attended a dentist regularly over the years, and are suddenly told that you have severe gum disease which needs extensive treatment you are likely to have a successful claim, because the symptoms should have been acted on previously.  Other common types of claim include poorly-fitting crowns or bridgework, and inaccurately performed root canal treatment.

The Clinical Negligence Team are experienced dental negligence lawyers who will be able to advise you on any concerns you may have with your dental treatment and whether you can make a claim.

What sort of compensation might I receive?

Compensation in Dental Negligence claims is awarded in two categories: firstly for your pain and suffering and loss of ability to do the things that you used to be able to do and secondly for any direct financial losses which you have suffered or will suffer in the future.

A claim for a missed diagnosis of periodontal (gum) disease, for example, will include a sum for your pain and suffering, and often a much more significant sum (sometimes running into tens of thousands of pounds) for future treatment costs, as in the worst cases it might be necessary to claim for a full set of implants.

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