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What is a rhinoplasty and what should I look out for?

Rhinoplasty (otherwise known as a nose job) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK, and was the top surgical procedure for men in 2016.

Demand for cosmetic surgery is increasing every year, with more and more people going under the knife to change their appearance. However, how can you tell whether your doctor/surgeon is trustworthy? How do you know they will provide the level of care that you deserve? And, more importantly, what should you do if something goes wrong?

What is rhinoplasty?

A cosmetic rhinoplasty, often referred to as a ‘nose job’, is the term for an operation done to alter the appearance of either the bridge, tip or nostril of the nose. People will often undergo a rhinoplasty in improve proportions, or help their self-esteem.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, although the length of the procedure and technique used will depend on how much is being altered. After the procedure, the recovery tends to take a few months.

A rhinoplasty procedure can be ‘open’ or ‘closed’:

  • A closed rhinoplasty is when the procedure is performed internally. It involves the surgeon making one or more incisions along the inside of the nose and lifting the skin up from the nasal bone structure. Once the skin has been elevated the shape of the nose is then altered to the patients requirements.
  • An open rhinoplasty uses the same incisions as a closed rhinoplasty but it also requires an incision to be made beneath the columella: the column of tissue that separates the nostrils. This does result in a small scar on the exterior of the nose, but in most cases this scar actually heals really well and is not usually noticeable.

What can go wrong?

Since a rhinoplasty procedure is fairly routine, injuries are rare. However, as with any medical procedure, a nose job is not completely risk-free. Whilst some injuries can occur without fault, some complications can arise if the provider is negligent in their care.

Some of the complications that can occur after a negligent rhinoplasty include:

  • infection
  • haematoma (blood clots)
  • nerve injury
  • breathing problems
  • decreased sense of smell/taste
  • damage to the septum
  • asymmetrical nostrils or contour irregularities caused by removing too much tissue
  • retracted or hanging columella (the bridge of nose)

What can I do if I’ve been a victim of negligence?

If you think that you might have received negligent care, then you may be entitled to a compensation claim. This can help you to get through the physical and mental pain that can result from a botched cosmetic surgery, and even pay for further treatment to fix the issue.

You can find out more about making a rhinoplasty compensation claim here.

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