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Clinical Negligence Awareness: New Facebook page is launched #CNaware


    The clinical negligence team has launched a new Facebook page, Clinical Negligence Awareness, to share information on medical negligence and the charities who help those affected.

    By Simon Elliman

The aim of our new Facebook page is to raise general public awareness about the issues surrounding clinical negligence and in particular to work with and support the charities who care for those who have suffered medical negligence. The page can be accessed via:!/clinicalnegligenceawareness


A charity we are closely linked with, AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents), has campaigned hard for many years for improved patient safety and justice for those who have suffered medical negligence. As specialist medical negligence solicitors we too want to support the aims of this leading charity and to also raise public awareness about the really tough challenges faced by those who have been injured as a result of clinical negligence.

We also feel it really important to promote the amazing work undertaken by charities who support those with disabilities, some of which are incurred as a result of negligent medical treatment. It’s a great privilege that our team is able to support many charities with fund raising efforts, family days, sponsorship, contributing to magazines and giving our time. Hopefully the more public awareness of all the work done by these charities, the more funds can be raised for great causes.


Our client, Marie, suffered a brain infection following surgery due to negligent medical care. As a result of her injury she suffered neurological damage and could no longer work or leave her home without the support of her family. This led to Marie becoming socially isolated and depressed, her husband felt terrible guilt when leaving her to go to work. The family then contacted their local Headway group who invited Marie to weekly meetings; these meetings, although only for a few hours a week, made a huge difference for Marie and her confidence.

Headway require continuous funds to be able to provide community support to those who have suffered brain injuries; they state: “Headway UK relies on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families.  As more people now survive accidents and live with brain injury, the need for our work is growing.”


We are happy to promote all sorts of charities connected to medical conditions on our new page, and already are carrying stories and features about the Erb’s Palsy Group, the Child Brain Injury Trust, Headway, Childrens Hospice Southwest, Group B Strep Support and Young Epilepsy, among others. If you represent a charity please feel free to “like” our page and send us information so that we can promote your cause; we will be delighted to help.


Our page will also feature topical comment on medico-legal issues, via well-informed and interesting blogs. The father of one of our clients recently appeared on the Today programme on Radio 4 to talk about the apparent increase in poor maternity care identified by the National Audit Office, and to apply those findings to the case of his son, who we had represented in a claim for compensation for his severe cerebral palsy.


We are extremely grateful for all support received for our new Clinical Negligence Awareness Facebook page and hope that it’s a valuable source of information and gives greater publicity to the work done by many national and local charities. Do visit our page to check it out, and feel free to “like” it!

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