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Infographic: Cerebral Palsy – Key Statistics

The Clinical Negligence Team represents many children who have cerebral palsy as a result of oxygen starvation during labour, or other adverse events which occur at or around birth.

Statistics around the incidence of cerebral palsy are informative and interesting. Cerebral palsy is often linked to prematurity and low birth weight.  It occurs frequently in multiple pregnancies (twins and triplets), and is also often related to infections.

Some children with cerebral palsy also have generalised epilepsy, and the Clinical Negligence Team’s close links to the charity Young Epilepsy mean that we can often help to signpost children and young people who have epilepsy to an organisation which can offer vital help and support.

The Clinical Negligence Team has prepared the following infographic relating to key facts and statistics connected with cerebral palsy, and dealing with some of the issues highlighted below:


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